Monday, August 16, 2010

Latest space opera - 'The Dreampickers' now in paperback edition!

The Dreampickers is a journey through space and time at the speed of thought! A tale of valor, horror, drama and tragedy embroiled in intrigue and spell binding action!

The most interesting thing about this book is, that it is inspired by Lama Thupten Chosdar, grandfather of the author, and a highly enlightened soul, who spend his entire life meeting mystics and saints across India, and imbibed a wealth of psychic and spiritual attainment.

Most of the supernatural incidents described in The Dreampickers is based on REAL practices of meditation and Tantra.

I take this oppurtunity to invite all book lovers to savour this new flavour of science fiction and fantasy.

The book is available on, and Amazon Kindle.

Wishing you pin drop silence as you read,

Dr.Rahul Bihari

Author of The Dreampickers

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