Friday, November 20, 2009

The Dreampickers , Zoom in >>

Millions of light years away, in the Akaash galaxy, a freak accident claims the life of the mighty Emperor Zire and Queen Shinkora, who leave behind their only son, Prince Kaal, in the able hands of the loyal and benevolent Priest August.
Priest August grooms the prince, befitting his royal entity and bestows upon him, supernatural powers, which he had acquired after years of prayer and meditation. In spite of his best efforts, Priest August is unable to change the course of destiny, which draws Kaal towards the Dark Asteroid, home to the banished and abominable Space Urchins - Looka and Shooka.

The Urchins unscrupulously offer the Elixir Noxious, laced with a potent neurotoxin to the unsuspecting and depressed Prince. The toxin gradually embeds into the decision making centers of his brain, creating vitriolic thoughts in his mind.

From then on, these despicable twins control the wits and psyche of the crown prince of the greatest empire in the universe.
In the years to come, Kaal harnesses the forces of evil to spread pain , death and destruction in the inhabited world.

Empowered by the mystical Scepter of Light, the Lamas of Izox, summon the Dreampickers, to instill the will of the Supreme Being into all pious souls, to create peace and harmony in the cosmos.

On Earth, Special Officers Rahul and Tulpi are rescued from the midst of a ravaging battle and transported to Izox. They return with divine powers to form the first line of defense against the evil designs of Kaal and his army of Dark Angels who have set upon themselves to stop “The Vaayoo”,(a 10,000 year old book of magical chants, capable of reversing all ecological upsets on Earth) from reaching Saint Tuka, the only person capable of deciphering this sacred manuscript.

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